Vail Valley Jet Center

The Vail Valley Jet Center is dedicated to providing exceptional operational and technical service, handling everything from your logistical challenges to basic aviation support. Trust their professional staff to provide timely solutions to your exact specifications. The Vail Valley Jet Center offers six high-quality heated hangars, totaling 184,000 square feet. They support all your aircraft needs from luggage transfers and fueling to deicing and towing. Their qualified team of line service professionals are all NATA trained to meet the highest level of safety regulations and customer service standards.


  • FAA Certificated A&P Mechanics with Inspection Authorization (IA)
  • FAA approved Drug and Alcohol Abatement Program
  • Inspection – Troubleshooting – Repair of Piston and Turbine Airframes – Engines – Propellers – Avionics Line Troubleshooting
  • Low Pressure Nitrogen Service
  • High Pressure Nitrogen Service
  • Aviator Breathing Oxygen Service
  • Lead Acid Battery Load Testing and Service
  • Nickel Cadmium Battery Load Testing and Service
  • TKS Deice Service
  • Weight and Balance, Calibrated Platform Scales (5,000 pounds each = Total 15,000 pounds)
  • Propeller Balance and Piston Engine Vibration Analysis
  • Air Conditioning, R-134 Service
  • AC Power Carts
  • DC Power Carts
  • Hydraulic Test Stands (Mules), Single and Dual Mil-H-5606 Systems
  • Pressurization Cart
  • Air Start Cart available
Address: 871 Cooley Mesa Rd, Gypsum, CO 81637
Phone: (970) 524-7700